Our Services

The healthcare services we offer at healthwatch

Emergency Cases

Accidents like road accidents with vehicles or bikes, dog bites, snake bites, poisoning, fire accidents

General Consultation

Covering most sicknesses and situations in the medical field

Minor Surgeries

Cuts on the body, that is Surgery of the external tissues

Family Planning

Depot, pills, Jadell, DIU, Female and male condoms


Unconsciousness, severe infections, when the patient is placed under drug administration, that is infusion, protein fluoride infusion, glucose infusion

Home Visit

We do regular home visits every month, moving from door to door, educating the community about hygiene and sanity prevention of diseases and best practices to have a better health

Wound Dressing

Fresh wounds, Infected wounds

Pro Pharmacy

We sell drugs to our patients and others who are not our patients, while taking note of their health situation/problem before offering any drugs


We offer vaccination with vaccines like polio, BCG, Diptheria,Hep B and many more

Delivery and Midwifery

We perform Normal Delivery and Circumcision 


We perform consultation of pregnant women and their babies, ensuring they are all doing well


We perform laboratory tests for Malaria parasite, Bacterial infections, viral infections, and worm infections 


We do pre-marital counselling, pre and post counselling for HIV testing